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Student Voice

As a Rights Respecting School, it is really important to us that the children in our school have a chance to be heard and listened to. 

Article 12 of the CRC:  "We have the right to have a say in all matters affecting us, and to have our views taken seriously."

         Mrs E Gould
   Student Voice Leader



Our Student Voice is a really important job in our school.  We meet regularly as a group, to discuss the views of the children, and after each meeting the class representatives report back to their classes to discuss any issues raised. This means every child in our school has the opportunity to have their say and to be heard through the Student Voice.




Healthy Me week

Some of our Student Voice helped today with a delivery from TESCO Fleetsbridge who very kindly donated a selection of fruit for our 'Healthy Me' week. 


Student Voice Meeting Summer 1

During our meeting today the playgrounds were the main focus of our discussions. It was raised that the equipment has been removed from the KS1 playground as it was unsafe. The children asked whether there was going to any replacements put in place for them all to play on. We talked about the cost, that we have to make sure that the children are safe. That we have to ensure that everyone plays with equipment fairly and look after it. The older children also raised that there was no equipment on the KS2 playground either. This moved to discussing the KS2 Quiet Area. Mr Noyce has spoken to some contractors about tarmacking the path and we talked about needing new tables and chairs and that it would be nice to have some planters with flowers in. We discussed ideas of how we could do some fund-raising to help pat for it. Finally, the children asked when they will be allowed to go up onto the field for playtimes and lunchtimes. Mrs Gould is going to ask Mr France. 


Comic Relief 2023

On Friday 17th March everyone at LMPS supported Comic Relief 2023 by coming into school in non-uniform and 'wearing red'. The Student Voice believe that it is very important that our school community support these charity days and help to raise vital funds for vulnerable people in need, here and around the world. It is important that the children understand and appreciate that we can make a difference.

All the classes listened to an assembly explaining what Comic Relief is, what they aim to achieve as well as listen to the stories of people that the charity has helped over the years. A lot of teachers also used some part of the day with some fun activities to highlight the importance of the charity.

We would like to thank all the children, parents and carers for supporting the day and donating. We raised £398.20 - just amazing. Thank you 



Student Voice Spring 2

Our meeting this term has focused on Comic Relief.  Comic Relief is on Friday 17th March. The Student Voice have decided that they would like the school to support the day again this year. In 2023, Red Nose Day will be hoping to make an even bigger difference to the most vulnerable people around the world. We discussed different ways that the school could raise money. We talked about how we all need to be aware that some families in our community can not afford to buy extra costumes or clothes but that we want everyone to be involved. 

Therefore, after some discussion we decided to just have a non-uniform for the day and ask children to contribute a small donation anything from a 1p - £1. We also decided that we would just ask children to wear 'something red' as most people have something red or with red on it. Everyone enjoys non-uniform days, and it hopefully doesn't put too much pressure on families. The children also discussed whether we would sell red noses at school. Again the issue of cost popped up as well as the issue that red noses are not always environmentally friendly.  Someone mentioned that they have noses at home from previous years and that perhaps we could just use noses we have bought previously instead. We all thought this was a great idea. 

I am always so proud of the discussions we have during our Student Voice meetings. Our children are very sensible and thoughtful of others in our local community as well as the wider world. 


Student Voice Spring 1

This term the Student Voice have been discussing ideas for the quiet area next to KS2 playground. Some pupils have raised the point that this area can’t be used during the winter months as it is just too muddy and the chairs and tables not clean enough to sit on.

We discussed what we would like to see done in the area. We liked the idea of having a tarmac pathway instead on stones as well as perhaps tarmac on the areas under the chairs and tables so that it is not so muddy, and it could be kept tidier. The children also thought it would be nice to have some new picnic tables, benches or chairs. We talked about making some planters out of some recycled objects to make the area more appealing to sit in and chat, play quietly with friends.

We talked that all these things would be lovely but cost a lot of money which perhaps school does not have at the moment. So we thought about how we could raise some money to help or ask local businesses to help.

The student voice representatives are going to discuss some of these ideas in their classes and report back in our next Student Voice meeting.


Christmas Fair 2022

Our Student Voice representatives had great fun helping Mrs Gould run three stalls at the Christmas Fair. There was ‘Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph’, ‘Reindeer Hoopla’ and ‘Reindeer Shy!’. The stalls were very popular and the children really enjoyed helping out.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and for the parents for supporting them.


Harvest Festival 

Today the Student Voice helped with the Harvest Festival Assembly. Many of the children from LMPS kindly donated food items that will be taken to the Poole Food Bank. It is important that our children understand that there are families in our community who find it difficult to afford food on a weekly basis and that we should all do our best to help each other in times of difficulty. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our families and amazed by how much was donated. 

Our Harvest Festival display was centrepiece to our Harvest Assembly lead by Reverend Partridge. 

Student Voice Meeting 28th September 

Congratulations to the children who have been elected to represent their class for Student Voice for this year. The children were all very excited to collect their Student Voice badges which hopefully they will wear with pride. They are all looking forward to making a difference at Lytchett Matravers Primary School. We have already held our first meeting: where we discussed the role of Student Voice.  

We shared some ideas of what we would like to achieve this year. The autumn term is already looking busy. The children are going to help Mrs Gould with the Harvest Festival assembly on Wednesday 12th October. We are also hoping to have our ‘Odd Sock Day’, which is the launch of Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need.