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Osprey - YEAR 5



Welcome to Osprey Class


Miss Longworth - 
Class Teacher
Mrs Wilson
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October is Black History Month and in Year 5 we have been looking at the life of Martin Luther King. We have learnt about his influential role in the Civil Rights Movement. We watched his famous speech 'I have a dream…'. We then discussed what we would like in an ideal world and wrote our own 'I have a dream...' inspired speeches. 

Here are some examples of our great work. 

I have a dream …

That climate change will stop. Animals will always be free and not get hunted, poached and instead protected. Icebergs will stop melting, and sea levels will stop rising

I have an aspiration …

That people will move away from materialism and know that they are incredible just the way they are. That all children will have access to a free education that inspires them That citizens across the globe will ensure children are safe and start to form solution to always protect them

I have a fantasy …

That we will always live in a peaceful world. Where everyone is respected regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

Bethan Ratcliffe and Scarlett Batten 

I have a dream... 

That animals across the globe will each have a place were they are safe, and they can live in peace not being poached or hunted. 

That icebergs will stop melting, so the sea stops rising.

I dream that climate change will stop.

I have an inspiration...

That we all live a life we deserve to live 

That all citizens will have access to clean water and a nice home to live in. 

Ethan Clark


Welcome to Ancient Osprey 

We had a fantastic Greek themed day in Year Five. We created mythological story boards, designed a Greek vase and even had a Greek themed picnic! 

Welcome to Osprey

We are very delighted to welcome you all to Osprey Class.  We hope you all had a fabulous summer and that you are excited to be back in school.  We are sure that you are all going to enjoy your time in Year 5 with us!  Mrs Wilson and I are looking forward to getting to know you all, and we can't wait to see your amazing learning, which we will be sharing on here :)

Our First Class Picture


English - Reading Into Writing

In English this term we have been watching 'The Lighthouse'. 


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