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Healthy Schools Award

Healthy Schools Scheme

We were awarded 'Healthy School' status in 2008. Since then we have continued to encourage healthy lifestyles amongst the children, staff and parents.  We successfully completed the Healthy Schools Plus award in the summer of 2012.

Our main priority for this was 'Healthy Weight and Physical Activity'.  

Once we achieved this, we have all continued to work hard and focus on the following key objectives:

Community & Local Priority:
1.  To increase the number of children who walk/cycle to school.
2.  Increase number of children participating in physical activities during the school day.
3.  Increase the number of children in eating a healthier break time snack.
School Priority:
1.  Increase in Year 5/6 children who have skills to safely cycle to school.
2.  Increase in children who report a dining experience more positively.
To find out more about this scheme you can visit the South West Healthy Schools Plus website at