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Introducing Project Playground

Article 31- We have the right to relax and play!

Before Christmas, you all completed a questionnaire about the playground. Your answers shouted for more. More equipment, more opportunities, more fun, more friendship and more safety. Here are our five top aims for project playground, written by you and for you:

Aim 1. Everyone to be safe.

Aim 2. Everyone to have the opportunity to access play equipment and resources.

Aim 3. The playground to have specific areas for different types of play and relaxation.

Aim 4. Children to look out for each other: if they are sad or have nothing to do.

Aim 5. More children to be active.

Along with the Rights Respecting Ambassadors, I will be looking at what we can do to reach each of these aims and make our playground a safer happier place. Outside my classroom is a project playground post box for any suggestions, questions or ideas you may have to support our project and help us to reach our aims. 

We can’t wait to work with you!

Miss Waring and the Rights Respecting Ambassadors